Attaching a personality to a PDF

Being a Graphic Design student I’m no stranger to the idea of branding something, a ­­ it was this fact that caused sudden panic at the start of my new Design Enterprise module. You can brand absolutely anything… including yourself. In fact it wasn’t so much the thought that I could brand myself that was so daunting but more so that I had to, that I had already started from the moment I decided to join this industry I had started a creative footprint, firmly planted on the big bad world. Through social media, through online portfolios, through word of mouth I had started to brand ‘Maha Ghani’ as a person I had to sell.

2015-02-01 19.50.14

When branding something the process always starts with research into your client. Who are you branding? What are they all about? This was what made me so uneasy; I had been ignoring everything about myself. I don’t mean I lost all traces of a personality, just that I hadn’t further developed my interests out from my course. I had been too busy putting every moment into trying to better my portfolio. In my course everyone is well aware that portfolios are normally sent/put online/printed off via PDFs in the hope that someone somewhere will think it’s worth a look. I never thought that that someone might want to know the person behind the work, now suddenly I was faced with the challenge of backtracking through the years and seeing where I left off and develop my interests once more.

At first this was a daunting task, but what I found outside of university, unintentionally ended up breathing life back into my course, bettering my motivation. Reading what I found interesting again, doing what I wanted to without working to someone else’s deadline, really analysing what I like reminded me why I got into design in the first place. Branding myself became a less terrifying thought, and more something to take control of and openly put myself out there. I suppose this is why I’m starting this blog, to continue exploring the things I find important and sharing them as a way of attaching a personality to the PDF.